October 6, 2008

more meditaton


If I cannot accept him, I do not love him. I am choosing to feel hurt, yet the more I share, the more fears arise. Staying in fear keeps me from going deeper.

He's plenty committed, and I know it. I must let myself feel the fear and then let it go. Move on to the positive. Shift my thoughts, my awareness, my heart and spirit to the beautiful moments of which there are so very many, the love the adoration, the the affection, the laughter, the passion, the closeness, the connectedness, the orgasms, the sharing.

Breathe. Relax. Melt. Send golden pink light to my heart to calm and soothe it. Love it. I know he adores me. I must keep this close always. It's strengthening my self-love and self-confidence button of "I'm enough on my own, and I'm more than plenty."

He shows up. He always shows up for me and for us. He accepts I'm healing. He loves me. Not the other stuff. I must stop torturing myself.

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