October 7, 2008

even more meditation

Breathe low, deep into my pelvis. Relax. Relax. Melt. Melt.
Imagine his energy coming at me. Receive. Receive.
Open my chest. Allow all the icky stuff to waft out. Release. Release.
Let it go. Let it float away. Drop all thoughts, and just feel.

Imagine the air, the sun, the moon touching me, caressing me, bathing me with sensuousness. Allow my heart to expand. Feel even more deeply. Expand inward. Expand outward.
Melt. Breathe. Relax. Melt.

Stay far away from, "What is he thinking or what is he doing." It's poison. Follow my feelings in the moment, in every moment. Feel all my feelings. Be with them. embrace them. Move onto the next feeling.

The voices lie. Always. Ignore them. Push them aside. What feels bad are lies. Follow what feels good. Gently turn to what feels good, again and again. Build happy memories. Feel their energy. Feel the energy of love coming into me. Breathe deeply into my heart. Feel the connection.

Allow my future to pull on me. If I can imagine it, I can create it. I can change my thoughts. I can transform my feelings. I can create a new reality.

Letting go is a moment by moment process. Trust. Hope transforms into faith. Walk into the sunset of golden pink light, warm and vibrant. I surrender. I am Angel Goddess.

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