October 23, 2008

men and other women

I found this forum way back around the time I first found K's looking. I reread it all last week and found it fascinating as to how different was my reaction and feelings.

There are a wide variety of responses/reactions, many such as I felt and you feel at times as well as male reactions though keep in mind every man is different, some being the dogs they have the reputation of having, but I don't think there were any really disturbing entries.

I found it helpful then, and I find it so now. If you like erotic literature, they have reasonably good stories though I have long since tired of them. They tend to get repetitive and many deal with cheating which I find very unsexy, upsetting.

There are links to sites for pictures as a good starting point for you to find things you like. I warn you that at first it may feel weird, uncomfortable, even disturbing, for most women are not used to this or this kind of behavior, but if you can stay relaxed and keep an open mind, you will find things that arouse you.

I advise you not to censor yourself. If you like rape or submission scenes, so be it. It's actually a very common woman fantasy. Most sites have links to even more sites, so you will quickly find things to check out.

Now if you can only own for yourself, and I have, mostly, that pictures for men are so not real to them to the point of almost not being registered as a person in their heads. They are objects of arousal, not figures of love and passion which is what we are to our men.

A picture or even a live woman for that matter is a momentary buzz, and it's just as quickly gone. They are wired that way, to be aroused by almost any woman, but they know the difference between that and the full bodied response they experience when they see or are with the woman they love, the one with whom they want more than anything to share their minds, bodies, and souls.

If you let them in, they will come so gratefully (no pun intended) with arms open wide. There is a clear distinction in the same hard wiring between attraction and attraction attraction.

Any man worth anything doesn't even have to fight the sexual urges when it involves another, for the urge is not directed at her but at us. She the whatever other woman who happens to cross his path, arouses him without connection in any way whatsoever. This arousal he stores, and it can build throughout the day or several days, and he wants to bring it to us if we are open and allow it,

Hugs and kisses, D.

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