October 20, 2008

more the answer

Dear D,
What this is really about for you is your issue with "abandonment". You feel "left out" when you think he might be thinking about someone else and that he could leave you that quickly...which is hardly the case. I think he just loves you so much that he can't see you don't "love yourself" and because you don't "love yourself", you can't see why he would love you...He's not aware that he should give you extra attention or needs to be more doting at the moment to you because you don't feel his love. he just loves you and thinks everything is okay. Meanwhile you are not feeling "love" as a whole (not necessarily from him) but you need him to make up for all the love you do not have inside yourself. You are asking him to show you he loves you in a big way every day to make up for all your feelings of abandonment. I'm telling you that once you truly love yourself (and you should because you are a lovely, lovely, beautiful woman!!!! and talented!!!!) that you will probably never, ever question his feelings. You are really questioning your feelings at the moment and have projected them onto him. Does this make sense!!!!
Love, D.

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