September 16, 2008

masculine energy man - is this so?

Dear D,
I believe I said that the whole act of a masculine energy man committing to one woman is so momentous and huge that looking at playboy or the internet or some innocuous, not real representation of other women gives that man a release valve for his anxiety about that commitment and the fear that he will never again experience the purely physical thing of sleeping with a big variety of women (which is what he is programmed to want to do).

He is very aware of what commitment means, and if a masculine energy man needs to tell himself that he's free at all times to choose you over and over again and that looking at pictures of other women helps him in that regard to not feel commanded or pussywhipped by us, then that's a good thing for us.

And by not making a big deal about it, we are demonstrating self-esteem and self-love - that we recognize these pictures are not real, that we recognize that his fantasy life is not under out control and will not try to control it because we know he loves only us. That is a very powerful magnet for a masculine man.

When you are able to speak
heart to heart -- you can ask deeper questions without getting a defensive response.
Love, R

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