September 2, 2008

important thoughts

"Every woman he thinks of as attractive is a version of me."

I am an angel, and I'm here to bring a little piece of love to this world.

Love brings up anything unlike itself to be healed. -tinque

When I'm feeling insecure, when I feel detached, when I feel numb, when the gremlins have me by the throat, look deeper. Am I angry? Am I angry at K for putting me into this space? Anger allows love which equals trust. I have powerful feelings, and it's okay to express them. Express them in the moment. I feel... Acknowledge all my feelings. Feel all that I feel. I must trust myself and my feelings. I must trust enough to be upfront.

The sun, the air, the light are wonderful lovers. Feel them. breathe in their sensual essences. Bathe in them. Relax. Breathe. Expand. Melt. Melt. Melt. Touch myself all over. Sensually meditate. Fantasize, Engage my entire body. Be curious. What if it's all good? What if everything is already as I wish it? Live the fantasy as if it's real. Bring him in. Allow him in. Sink into the heart of myself. It's powerful.

Imagine a stage. I'm on this stage, naked, gorgeous, magnificent. I raise my arms and open them wide. The audience smiles supportively, lovingly. I feel warm, sensuous, expansive. I feel embraced by the universe. I feel open and vulnerable, and it feels good. It feels like love. It is love

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