August 28, 2008

struggling to believe

My silly mind is making things up again, allowing itself to be overrun with lies. The truth is he loves me. I'm his queen,, his empress, is princess, his one and only. He told me so, and he wouldn't lie about these things. He's strictly monogamous, and this comes naturally to him, for he told me so, and he wouldn't lie about these things.

He may or may not be afraid, but what he thinks and feels is not my concern. He loves me; he wants me; he adores me and respects me. He loves my beautiful body and my spankable butt, and my silliness, and especially my perfect breasts. He told me so, and he wouldn't lie about these things. My intellect, my creativity, my artistry, but most importantly he loves me, my heart, my soul, my depths. My job is to take care of me and my needs, do what makes me feel good.

I deserve happiness, love, beauty, freedom, trust, admiration, respect. I deserve to be loved and adored. I imagine beautiful, warm sunshine touching me, caressing my skin, each and every pore coming alive with sensation. it warms my heart, my spirit, and soul. It fills me with so much love.

I embrace the pain and the sadness inside.

It aches, and it pulls my heart open wide.

I welcome the tears though it hurts me so,

For this is the way to freedom I know.

Joy and happiness are always at hand,

Though I feel somewhat abandoned.

It's only for now; I know this is true.

Until it passes, I must revel in the blue.

I strive for peace and serenity.

Love can thus grow with purity,

Of heart and spirit and soul, so full,

So together we can be better, so beautiful.

I can see us bound together inseparable yet spiritually unique. We have so much love for each other. It flows between us. It pulsates. It throbs. It's spiritual. It's sensual. It's sexual. It dances peacefully through and around us.

We love to be together in quiet solitude, in riotous silliness, in laughter, in tears, in jubilation, in bliss, united as one, reaching the peaks of ecstasy, in orgasm and in love. We explore. We adventure. We love. We make love.

We are like rainbows exuding a myriad of prismatic colors all around us. We are special, and together we're better. Our colors blend to create hues never before seen. We are a rare and special pair.

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