August 23, 2008

is this possible?

I cannot know or understand how men are, how they work inside. I can accept and embrace them and their differences, at least this is what I strive to believe.

They have an ability to compartmentalize that most women do not, that most women would find incomprehensible. We connect emotionally to everything, especially women like me who are so sensitive, so sensory, so self-aware physically and emotionally and spiritually. I am acutely in tune with my being in all ways, and this has become more and more marked more recently, this past year, this past month.

In turn I have become even more aware and able to touch surrounding energies, others and their feelings. I can feel a person even through a photograph. I can connect with a person's spirit instantly, and my instincts in this regard are immensely accurate. This ability is mostly inconceivable to men. A man can empathize with another, but feeling them as many women can is mostly impossible. Their emotional connection lies with us. We facilitate this in them if we allow it within ourslelves. This is their path to peace, love, and freedom, through our hearts.

I am K's vehicle on is journey to love and in love which defines itself as peace and freedom and contentment in his mind and heart. The journey within my own heart and more deeply my soul is cruial to his. As we walk our respective paths, they will merge the more, the more I allow myself access to my depths, my deepest darkest secret places, my well of brimming love where my angel goddess resides. The farther I venture forth, the deeper and closer we will grow together, dance together in a love for each other so profound. It really is up to me.

This is the love dreams are made of, poets wax rhapsodic about, a few special beings have the honor and the wonderful, blissful, immeasurable delight in experiencing.
This is my dream.

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