December 11, 2008

breaking the barrier

I received a letter from a reader which prompted this entry. Her letter is below. My response follows.

"That is truly a brilliant idea. I don't know who spread the silly notion that men are visual and women less so, but it couldn't be less true. The toughest part for me is getting over the shyness factor. In my experience most women, even ones with perfect bodies, have body image stuff going on. Any tips for less forthcoming gals."

First of all men may or may not be more visual than women, but in my experience, they become more easily aroused visually than women do, but, and this is a big but, they are very clear on the difference between being aroused by nearly any naked even if only somewhat decent looking woman and the attraction and passion they feel for their woman, their beloved. The former may start their juices flowing, if only a drop, or it may evoke the desire to masturbate, or not, but the latter makes them want to have YOU, whether it be a quick fantasy, a tender loving embrace, or wild sex.

That said, believe me when I say I was so shy the first time and every time I had pictures taken, but each time it did get easier. If it's too much to handle having someone else there the first time, take digital pictures of yourself.This takes the other person out of the picture.

Believe me too when I say that the first time I gave my guy pictures, I was also feeling shy and self-conscious, but when I saw how much he liked them and the whole concept really, I felt so much better.

Take them in a dimly lit room though I warn you that the flash will make your face look strange, old and wrinkly even, but not so the body. I have no idea why. Face shots are better taken in natural daylight.

Try to remember that men are not anywhere near as critical as we. They don't see any of the things we do. As an example when I took my pussy pics, I had just made coffee. After I grind the beans, I take my index finger and get out the residue from inside the grinder, some of which gets all up under my nail. In most of my pictures, my coffee grimed fingernail was clearly visible. He never noticed. I wasn't freshly waxed, so I had stray hairs too. he never saw. Remember this.

It would be really nice if you could find someone you trust who knows something about picture taking so as to put you in the nicest possible light, the prettiest poses possible. There are many professional women out there. I would most definitely recommend a woman for many reasons. Ask around.

You will still feel awkward and uncomfortable. You will. It's something new. You're exposing yourself; you're being vulnerable. These feelings are normal.

A good photographer will encourage you and take at least the worst of the weird feelings away and once you see for yourself how beautiful you are in your pictures, you will feel sooooooo much better. And again remember, he will never notice any of the things that you perceive as flaws. He will only see the one he loves, YOU. He will only see how sexy you are, and you are his. How lucky he is for that.

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