March 5, 2009

thought for today, for always

The closer you come to allowing yourself to touch your core, your deepest heart, the love you were born as, the love you are, the more in harmony you will be with others, and the more as love they will feel to you, for you are opening yourself, your heart, allowing yourself to touch, to feel their core, their love, they as love.

What others think of you has very little to do with who you are. It has mostly to do with habits of thought they have developed. You create you own as well, and you can change them.

If you want to have thoughts and thus feelings about others that feel good, then create a fantasy that makes you feel warm and peaceful, full. This is especially effective with those to whom you are close, your beloved, a dear friend, because it means more to you. Soon, sooner than you might believe possible, he or she will begin to modify to meet your fantasy.

It's not as woo woo or maybe as arrogant as it may sound. It's simple really. It's all about the energy you project, and what you project comes back to you.

Keep in mind that the fantasy likely more closely aligns with who this person really is which is love, resembling the truth far more than your old habits of thought. The more you live and love as this truth, the more it will be your reality.


lovesingin said...

Ok...another favorite here. This is soooo true. Even in just the last I have released old fears and started to feel that true love for myself again...well, maybe for the first time...I have noticed my love for others, for my husband and soulmate, for my daughter, for my family...just GROW. Tremendously. I feel along with this that the only way to feel that "true love" feeling with your significant other is to truly love yourself. I almost feel as if we just met...and to tell the feels stronger right now then when we first fell in love. Honestly! I wish I could convey it more in my words but I know you understand as you just wrote it out beautifully.
My favorite part is what you wrote about how close they already are to your fantasy. Wow. Just wow. Isn't that the truth. How far we push them into another reality ...well, our dark reality when they don't even belong there. The power of the a strong and beautiful thing.
Love this post.

tinque said...

again lovesingin, sweet and hit home, true words. Thank you. We are powerful creatures. We really can create our reality, exactly as we fantasize. Living in our "fantasy" creates the energy that brings it to life.
As for loving yourself, you have given me an idea. That expression has become "cliche" for me. It's easy to voice, yet what does it mean?
I want to write more about this. Look for it this week, maybe next. I feel it's all about opening the heart, shedding the layers upon layers of guarding to reveal the truth, our truth, who we are at core, LOVE.
Thank you for being here.
hugs, tinque